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Modular barns are ideal for those looking for an efficient and economical option. J&N Structures offers prefabricated structures that are just as durable and beautiful as its customizable counterpart. Prebuilt barns provide an option that will both save on time as well as money. Our team of horse barn contractors will help you find the design with the right look and features that will suit you and your horse’s day-to-day activities.

J&N Structures can install a modular barn faster than ever before! Thanks to our experience and the advancement of tools and equipment, our prebuilt horse barns take a fraction of the time to assemble. This faster assembly time allows us to spend less time building on your property and keeping more money in your pocket.

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Modular Barns: Built Fast & Made to Last

With J&N Structures, getting a prefabricated barn has never been easier. Our builders will help you choose from multiple styles to find the best option for your workflow. Whether you need more space for horses, or more space for storage, we have the perfect prefab barn for your needs. We offer a substantial selection of modular barn styles including:

Kennebec Barns

Do you live in an area with an extreme or fluctuating climate? That is no problem for a Kennebec barn from J&N Structures! Our sturdy materials and style of this particular barn are meant to withstand heavier amounts of snow and ice. Sometimes known as double wide barns, these designs have an enclosed center aisle along with stalls on the sides for plenty of room to store both your animals and your belongings. Our model comes standard with white pine board and batten siding, OSB roof sheeting, wood floors and more!

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Trailside Barns

Although Trailside barns are usually a single story build, they are not limited on style, options, size, or functionality. However, because it is usually a smaller structure, trailside barns tend to be a more economical option for buyers. Their unique design allows plenty of room for the custom design of stalls, tack rooms, or even an apartment in the loft area! Our model comes standard with OSB roof sheeting, oak kickboards, service doors and more!

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Prefab trailside barn in PA

High Country Barns

Are you looking for a two-story barn that combines housing for your animals along with storage for their food, equipment or other necessities? Then a High Country modular horse barn could easily be the perfect fit for what you need! These unique A-frame structures have more than enough room for the storage and protection of your animals with customizable exterior options.

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Red A-frame barn


Lancaster Barns

Lancaster style barns are an affordable and visually appealing way to manage animals and their equipment. This specific model of modular barn comes standard with one sliding door and window per stall, white pine board and batten siding, and sliding doors at each end of the center aisle.

Plus, they are able to be built in several nice colors!

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amish modular barn experts

We paint and stain all modular barns in a controlled environment, creating a perfect finish every time. This allows for better exterior coverage and protection from the elements making for a longer-lasting product. Each prebuilt horse barn goes through a multi-step process before leaving the workshop to assure all materials are in place and the builders can get started right away. If you are looking for a spacious and efficient way to protect your horses, a prefab barn may be the perfect match for you!

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Prebuilt Barns: Made in the USA

Most times, our prebuilt barn requires basic site prep making the starting process fast and simple. Our modular barn contractors will deliver, assemble, and inspect the final product with you once the project is completed. We will also guide you through the permit acquisition process and determine what is needed for a solid structural foundation.

These barns are perfect for trainers and breeders alike. When it comes to durability, our prebuilt horse barns are top-notch and can last for decades made right here in the USA. Whether you are looking for a large or small prefabricated horse barn, we are the team of craftsmen that get the job done right every time.

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Our modular barn contractors are dedicated to the details. We will work with you to make sure the project is completed to your exact specifications. Our years of experience have allowed us to grow and create a product that we can confidently provide to you. Take the guesswork out of choosing a prebuilt horse barn. Our builders will guide you every step of the way. Contact J&N Structures to learn more about our modular barns and start the process today!