Chicken Coops for Sale in PA

J&N Structures is your professional resource for customized chicken coops and wood sheds. Our chicken coops come in a variety of designs and sizes to safely house poultry and create additional storage, our high-quality modular structures provide a comfortable predator-proof space for your chickens to call home.

Chicken Nesting Boxes for Sale with Access Doors for Chickens and Humans

All of our modular chicken coop designs include an access door for your chickens and a service door for you to clean the coop and gather eggs. Each small access door for chickens opens to form a ramp, so they can easily enter and exit the coop. Secure closures allow you to keep your chicken safely inside at night to avoid the threat of predators. The option of a large dutch door means you can open the top to peek inside. Large windows with ventilation screens provide natural light that stimulates egg production and offer the sun’s warmth during cold weather.

Nesting Boxes and Roosts

Each of J&N Structures’ chicken coops also includes four to eight nesting boxes and roosts. By providing a comfortable space for laying eggs, you can encourage your chickens to leave their eggs where you can easily collect them. Outside access to the nesting boxes means you can easily gather supplies for your breakfast without entering the coop. For sleeping, chickens prefer the highest spot available, and the interior roosts allow chickens to perch in secure comfort for restful sleep.

Chicken Pens for Sale with Wooden Flooring

Solid pressure-treated floors are easy to keep clean with a pitchfork or shovel. When you deep-clean the coop, the floors can be swept to remove all trace of debris. Solid wood flooring also prevents underground access for predators and limits opportunities for food-seeking pests such as mice. Wooden floors also keep your flock off the damp ground and provide insulation and protection during cold weather.

Chicken Coop Roofing and Siding

Roofing and siding choices include the option of metal roofing or asphalt shingles; both options are designed for many years of practical use and waterproof protection from the elements. Metal roofing is ideal for shedding snow, and high-quality roofing materials will keep your poultry warm and dry regardless of the outdoor temperatures.

Store Your Firewood in a Wood Shed

J&N Structures also offers a variety of custom wood sheds. Pressure-treated wooden flooring keeps your firewood off of the damp ground, and asphalt shingles will help keep your firewood dry in any type of weather. The shape of our modular wood shed designs is ideal for stacking a cord or two of dry wood. You will have convenient access to your wood, but you will benefit from keeping it in a safe and separate location from your home to reduce the risk of fire.

Custom Modular Walk-in Chicken Coop Designs

Our custom Amish craftsmanship and modular designs mean your new chicken coop or wood shed can be easily transported and quickly installed on your property. Our high-quality wooden structures are delivered fully assembled, so you can put them to use right away. Beautiful board-and-batten siding with stain colors of your choice allows you to select a design that will complement your homestead.

Please contact a dealer today for more information about J&N Structures’ chicken coops and wood sheds. With many dealer locations in the United States, you can purchase a modular structure and make arrangements for delivery to your location.

Below are some examples of our chicken coops and wood sheds we can build.