High Country Style Barn – Bedford, MA

Project Description:

This 20′ x 24′ modular barn in the High Country style was erected in Bedford, MA. The barn was built with white pine board and batten siding. It has 8 pitch rafters and the roof is covered with architectural BP brand shingles. The barn sports sliding wood sash windows manufactured by Bird in Hand Windows. The dutch doors, roll doors, and service door were proudly made by Appalachian Woodcrafts. This High Country is topped off with a patchen horse weathervane and cupola manufactured by Creative Cupolas.


Upon entering the 5′ x 8′ roll doors, the front portion of the barn has a 10′ x 24′ open area to provide easy accessibility to the hay hole, loft stairs, and stall fronts. This modular barn has (2) 10′ x 12′ stalls with 4′ x 7′ sliding stall front doors and 4′ wide dutch doors in the rear. This modular barn is functional and would look great even in smaller plots of land.

City: Bedford
State: Massachussetts
Manufactured in: Mill Hall, PA
Dimensions: 20' x 24'