High Country with 10′ Lean-to – Chester, NH

Project Description:

This is a 36’x36’ modular horse barn in the high country style with a 10’ lean-to. This Chester, NH high country horse barn was built with white pine board & batten siding painted with red paint manufactured by Haley Paint Company. The roof has 8 pitch and an insulated 28 gauge metal roof (Charcoal color) manufactured by A.B. Martin. The windows are hinged wood barn sash windows manufactured by Bird-In-Hand Windows & Doors. The 6’x9’ roll doors with windows 4’x7’ Dutch doors with windows and service doors with and without windows loft doors and gable vents are manufactured by J&N Structures. On the roof is a B-48 Boston Series cupola with a horse weather vane manufactured by Creative Cupolas. The foundation is a concrete pad installed by the customer.


This modular horse barn has (5) 12’x12’ stalls a 12’x12’ tack room and a 12’x36’ center aisle. It has a full loft accessed via stairs in the tack room. Both ends of the loft have a swinging loft door and (2) hinged windows beside the loft door. On each end, up near the peak, is a gable vent. The stalls are lined with 4’ high oak kickboards and have a sliding stall door into the center aisle and a Dutch door with a window to the outside. The tack room has a floor and a service door with a window to the outside and a service door into the center aisle. The center aisle has double sliding doors with windows at each end.

City: Chester
State: New Hampshire
Manufactured in: Lititz, PA
Dimensions: 36' x 36'