Modular Barn – Bedford Corners, NY

Project Description:

This is a 32’x36′ modular barn with a 10′ lean-to in the high country style. This Bedford Corners, NY high country barn was built with duratemp t1-11 siding painted with custom white paint provided by Benjamin Moore & Company. The corner trim and window trim and door trim and crossbucks are painted with a custom black paint. It has 8 pitch rafters and bronze metal roof manufactured by A.B. Martin Roofing Supply. The large windows are insulated Andersen Silverline Series double-hung windows provided by Bird-In-Hand Windows and the loft window is a single-hung aluminum window provided by Apple Fasteners Inc. The 6’x9′ roll doors with windows and 4’x7′ dutch doors with window and loft door with window are manufactured by J&N Structures. The gable vents are also manufactured by J&N Structures. On the roof is a B-37 Series cupola with weather vane manufactured by Creative Cupolas.


This modular barn has (2) 10’x12′ stalls and a 10’x12′ tack room and a 10’x12′ wash stall and (2) 10’x12′ open storage areas and a 12’x36′ center aisle. It has a full loft accessed via stairs. One end of the loft has a loft door and the other end has a window. The stalls are lined with 4′ high oak kick boards and have a sliding 4’x7′ stall door and a dutch door with window to the outside. The tack room has floor and a window and a service door into the aisle. The wash stall has white glass board on the walls. One of the open storage areas is lined with 4′ high oak kick boards and has a dutch door with window to the outside. The other open storage area is lined with 4′ high oak kick boards and has a window. The aisle has double sliding doors with windows at each end.

City: Bedford Corners
State: NY
Manufactured in: Bird-In-Hand
Dimensions: 32' x 36'