Modular Barn – Monroe, GA

Project Description:

This 36’ x 36’ horse barn was erected in Monroe, Georgia in the Trailside style, with a raised (6/12 pitch) center peak. The barn has a metal roof in the Burnished Slate color. The cupola was provided by Creative Cupolas. Doors and windows were created by Corral Creations.


This barn has (1) 12’ x 12’ storage area and (5) 12’ x 12’ stalls. Each stall has a wooden 4’ x 3’ top half hinged door. The storage area is accessed by a 36” x 80” wood service door with glass. The front & rear aisle entrances have (2) 6’ x 8’ wood sliding doors with tempered glass. There is (1) a 12’ lean-to overhang to provide protection for animals and equipment.

City: Monroe
State: Georgia
Manufactured in: Greenwood, SC
Dimensions: 36' x 36'