Modular Barn – South Woodstock, VT

Project Description:

This is a 36’x48′ modular barn with 8′ lean-to in the monitor style. This South Woodstock, VT monitor barn was built with white pine board and batten siding painted with red paint provided by Haley Paint Company. The corner trim and window trim and door trim are painted white. It has rafters and insulated metal roof (Charcoal color) manufactured by A.B. Martin Roofing Supply. The gutters and downspouts are manufactured by Premier Spouting Design. The small windows are sliding wood barn sash windows manufactured by Bird-InHand Windows and the large windows are insulated Andersen Silverline Series double-hung windows provided by Bird-In-Hand Windows. The insulated service doors with window are also manufactured by Bird-In-Hand Windows. The 6’x10′ roll doors with windows and 4’x7′ dutch doors with window and loft door are manufactured by J&N Structures.


This modular barn has (7) 12’x12′ stalls and a 12’x12′ tack room and a 12’x48′ center aisle. It has a partial loft over the center aisle accessed via a ladder. One end of the loft has a sliding loft door and the other end has a doublehung window. The stalls are lined with 4′ high oak kick boards and have a sliding 4’x7′ stall door with yoke into the aisle and a dutch door with window to the outside. The dutch doors with window are reversed for miniature horses. The tack room is insulated and lined with edge and center bead pine boards and has insulated floor and a double-hung window and a insulated service door with window to the outside and a insulated service door with window into the aisle. The aisle has double sliding doors with windows at each end. On either side of the front roll doors are extra double-hung windows. On either side of the rear roll doors are extra sliding windows.

City: South Woodstock
State: Vermont
Manufactured in: Lititz, PA
Dimensions: 36 x 48