Trailside – Oakham MA

Project # 36x30

Project Description:

This 36’x30’ Trailside barn was erected in Oakham MA. The white pine board and batten siding is painted in the Black color and the doors are stained Bronze, The paint and stain is manufactured by Haley Paint company. The shingles are manufactured by BP in the 2Tone Black color. The dutch doors are made by Rustic Door and Pine, the roll doors are made by Appalachian Wood crafts and the sliding stall doors are made by Sunset Valley Metal Crafts.


This barn features (5) 10×12 stalls and a 10×12 tack room, roll doors in the center ailse with glass and 5 stalls have a Dutch door with a window.For more details see the attached floor plan.

City: Oakham
State: Maine
Manufactured in: Mill Hall, PA
Dimensions: 36x30