The Amish Made Storage Shed Solution

Practical, beautiful and affordable: Amish sheds for sale from J&N Structures are all these things and much more! Unlike most outdoor storage solutions, a storage shed doesn’t cost a constant monthly usage fee or require you to drive miles to your unit’s location. Instead, with J&N Structures, you can enjoy controlled storage for all your belongings right on your own property.

If you’re like most homeowners struggling to find space for items, additional square footage for storage is the most realistic solution. Not only can an outdoor storage shed reduce clutter in your home, but also provide a controlled environment to host all your hobbies, yard tools, or pool equipment.

Custom Sheds for Yards of All Sizes

Whether you have a private home or small family farm, your storage needs will vary. That’s why every single one of our Amish sheds for sale is custom-designed to suit each property. From siding color to accents and wood stain, every detail can be made unique to your specifications. Loft space can even be added if you need additional storage options on the second level. This is a fantastic option for those who garden regularly and have plants that need to soak up additional sunlight without exposure to rough weather.

When your storage needs exceed the sizes of a typical Amish built shed, we typically recommend people to check out our customized prefabricated garages for sale because of their larger size.


Finding Your Favorite Shed Design

We design manor style, cape style, and cottage style Amish sheds for sale. A manor style wood shed typically has double doors and windows with boxed trim. Cape style sheds have higher pitched roofs than most normal peaked sheds. This is an attractive, classic style that will last for years.

Adding details like a porch to cottage style sheds can make it look like an extension of your home, not just a shed. A window or two will bring in a flood of natural sunlight. You can also include a ramp so it is easy to roll wheelbarrows in and out of the shed.

If you garden frequently and spend a lot of time outdoors, you may want to consider a larger shed that also gives you work space for planting and other activities.

No matter which style or design you choose, the right shed can be an attractive place to store backyard equipment, gardening tools, fishing tackle, and the other items that are part of your active outdoor life. It can even be placed so it is a focal point of your garden or backyard, by adding surrounding details like a similarly-colored fence or birdhouse.

12x14 White River Shed


Decades of Storage Shed Expertise

J&N Structures is a barn manufacturer that has proudly served the Lancaster, PA area for almost two decades. Amish craftsmanship is synonymous with quality, and authentic Amish craftsmen build each of our structures.

We use only the highest quality materials to ensure our custom sheds are durable and structurally sound. With J&N Structures, you will find an outdoor storage shed that you and your family will be proud to use for generations.

Ready to get started designing the outdoor storage shed of your dreams? Use our online search feature to find your local dealer today.