Horse Loafing Shed Designs

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What if you could provide your horses with a safe haven that also improves the appearance of your farm? Welcome to the world of horse loafing sheds, also known as run-in sheds!

A horse loafing shed is essentially a three-sided mini horse shelter, providing horses with a safe and comfortable space to rest and hide from the elements. In this article, we will dive into the various designs of horse loafing sheds, and why they are a worthy addition to your farm.

At J&N Structures, we understand the bond between a horse and its owner, and we strive to enhance this relationship through our high-quality horse loafing sheds. So, saddle up and join us on this exciting journey of discovery.  Also, feel free to explore our site and find the perfect horse loafing shed for your equine companion today!

Wood Loafing Shed Stylesunpainted loafing barn next to larger barn

Wood is a classic choice for horse loafing sheds, combining durability, aesthetics, and a natural insulation property that makes it ideal for all weather conditions. At J&N Structures, we offer a variety of wood loafing shed styles, each designed with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality. We’re proud to present these three exceptional designs from our project gallery:

1. The Ambler Abodered horse loafing shed in the woods

Distinguished by its vibrant red exterior, this 14’x30′ Ambler, PA wood loafing shed features white pine board and batten siding. Complementing its aesthetic charm are the Quaker-style rafters and an architectural shingle roof, adorned with elegant Shakewood-colored shingles. Inside this wood loafing shed, a protective kick board lines the interior, prioritizing the safety and well-being of your horses.

2. Coatesville Comfortwhite wood loafing shed in front of trees

Measuring 12’x24′ with an 8′ lean-to, this wood loafing shed in Coatesville, PA, exemplifies our unwavering dedication to quality. Its exterior showcases white pine board and batten siding, meticulously painted with high-quality clay paint. The roof, equipped with 3 pitch rafters and an architectural shingle roof adorned with striking Fox Hollow Gray-colored shingles, guarantees longevity. Within this wood loafing shed is a spacious 12’x24′ run-in area thoughtfully lined with 4′ high oak kick boards.

3. West Chester Wonderunpainted loafing barn in front of trees

Presenting a compact 10’x16′ wood loafing shed that harmoniously combines simplicity and functionality. This project, completed in West Chester, PA, showcases the beauty of cedar board and batten siding, complemented by Quaker-style rafters and a sturdy cedar shake shingle roof. Cedar’s innate qualities, including resistance to decay and insects, ensure the wood loafing shed’s durability and long-lasting performance as a valuable addition to your farm.

Each of these wood loafing sheds is a testament to our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Check out our general tips on designing horse shelters including recommendations on mini horse shelters!

Loafing Sheds with Tack Rooms

Some of our designs take horse loafing sheds a step further by incorporating tack rooms. A horse loafing shed with tack room adds an extra layer of functionality and convenience. The tack room ensures your horse equipment is stored securely and in an organized manner, while the wash stall is a convenient space for grooming your horses.  Let’s take a look at some of these unique designs:

1. The Blacksburg Beautyblue loafing shed with tack room

Breaking the mold of a typical mini horse shelter, this expansive 10’x40′ horse loafing shed with tack room and 4′ lean-to is a multifunctional equine facility. This Blacksburg, VA project includes two roomy 10’x14′ stalls, a 10’x12′ tack room, and a 4’x40′ lean-to, ensuring secure storage for your horse equipment and additional protection for your equine companions. This loafing shed with tack room sports a charcoal-colored metal roof and is painted a striking Belmont Blue, with white trim and crossbucks adding a contrasting touch.

2. Frederick’s Finesttan mini horse shed with green trim

Illustrating the fusion of functionality and style, this 20’x24′ double-wide horse loafing shed with tack room in Frederick, MD excels. The storage room is versatile, serving as an excellent tack room, and accommodating all your horse equipment with room to spare. It offers an expansive structure that encompasses a 10’x24′ storage room and a 10’x24′ run-in area. It is designed with soothing tan paint on the white pine board and batten siding. This loafing shed with tack room design also features corner trim, charcoal color shingles, window trim, door trim, and crossbucks painted a complementary green.

3. Round Hill Retreatred wood loafing shed in the woods

Exemplifying our dedication to versatility, this 12’x60′ horse loafing shed with tack room and 10′ lean-to is a prime example. Inside, you’ll discover a 12’x36′ run-in area, a 12’x12′ tack room, a 12’x12′ wash stall, and a 10’x60′ lean-to. This project in Round Hill, VA boasts a bronze stain on the white pine board and batten siding, and charcoal color shingles, giving it a rustic and natural appearance. The roof of this loafing shed with tack room features a wooden cupola with a horse weathervane.

Explore these horse loafing barns and more on our site, today!

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