Best Structures & Designs for Backyard Garage Shops

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Did you know that having a dedicated workshop in your backyard can increase productivity and creativity by up to 30%? Imagine the endless possibilities of creating your masterpiece right in the comfort of your own property with a workshop shed from J&N Structures.

In this article, we’ll uncover the benefits of custom backyard workshops, shedding light on the best structures and designs tailored to meet your needs. Whether you’re a hobbyist, DIY enthusiast, or professional in need of a residential shop, J&N Structures has you covered.

Keep reading to explore the possibilities or reach out to us directly with any questions about bringing your backyard workshop to life!

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Backyard Workshop Sheds & Garages

Having your own workshop is like having a sanctuary designated for your creativity. Picture yourself stepping into a space designed solely for bringing your ideas to life. Here are a few backyard workshop sheds and garages offered by J&N Structures to ignite your inspiration:

Double Wide Garage charcoal backyard workshop double wide garage surrounded by trees

This backyard garage shop offers ample space with a high ceiling and a full loft accessible via stairs. With two large sliding barn doors in the front, strategically placed windows, and a service door, the Double Wide Garage is the perfect creative workspace.

White River Series Shed red backyard workshop shed with white french doors with a fall backdrop

Featuring a high ceiling, full loft, and double French patio doors, this backyard workshop shed is an ideal choice for a sophisticated workspace. Let the natural light flood in as you work on your projects!

High Country Garage Barn wood stained backyard workshop garage barn with overhang

Transform your backyard into a workshop haven with our High Country Garage Barn. Complete with two large garage doors, an overhead loft, and a convenient metal lean-to, this residential shop is a great fit for woodworking projects and automotive enthusiasts alike.

Manor Series Shed white double door backyard workshop shed with tractors on either side

Embrace the charm of our Manor Series Shed as your backyard workshop. With an open interior and swinging double doors, it offers a spacious canvas for your creativity. Topped with a Boston Series Cupola and horse weathervane, it’s a picturesque addition to any property.

Ready to turn your backyard into a workshop paradise? Explore more project ideas from our satisfied customers in our project gallery!

Custom Residential Shop Ideas

gray backyard residential shop shed next to garden

Whether you’re a crafty artisan, a garden guru, or simply in need of a place to store your equipment, a residential shop offers endless possibilities. With its flexibility and practical benefits, a garage shop becomes a place where hobbies flourish and chaos finds order.

If you’re considering adding a shed or garage shop to your property, it should reflect your needs and style. Here are a few custom features, exclusively offered by J&N Structures, to keep in mind:

  1. Metal or Shingle Roof: Whether you prefer the sleek, modern look of metal roofing or the classic charm of shingles, there’s a color and style to suit every taste and complement the overall look of your property. With a surplus of colors available, you can select a roof that not only protects your workshop but also adds a touch of personality and character.
  2. Exterior Stain or Paint: By choosing the right stain or paint color, you can blend your garage shop with existing structures or make it stand out as a focal point. Whether you opt for a natural wood stain that highlights the beauty of the grain or a bold paint for a pop of color, the exterior finish of your workshop sets the tone for your outdoor space.
  3. Types of Door or Windows: The doors and windows of your workshop are not just functional elements but also architectural features that contribute to its overall design. From sliding barn doors to French patio doors or double windows to triple windows, the options are vast and varied. Selecting the right combination of doors and windows will allow you to tailor your workshop to your specific needs and preferences.
  4. Cupola and Horse Weathervane: Adding a cupola and horse weathervane to your workshop not only instils rustic charm but also serves practical purposes. The cupola provides ventilation, allowing hot air to escape and fresh air to circulate, while the weathervane helps regulate temperature and air quality indoors. Additionally, these architectural elements will add character to your residential shop, making it a standout feature on your property.
  5. Electrical Break Panel Switch and Receptacle: Incorporating an electrical break panel switch and receptacle into your workshop’s design ensures access to power sources for your tools and equipment. By eliminating the need for extension cords or relying on distant outlets, you can optimize workflow and productivity.
  6. One or Two Stories: Building your workshop with multiple levels offers versatility and maximizes space utilization while a one-story workshop is easy to navigate and creates a more cozy atmosphere.
  7. Ramp or Step Entrance: A ramp entrance offers easy access for wheelbarrows, vehicles, or carts, making it convenient to transport materials and equipment in and out of your workshop. On the other hand, a stair entrance takes up less space and adds architectural interest to your property.
  8. Shelves or Workbenches: Installing sturdy shelves or workbenches in your backyard garage shop promotes organization and productivity. With ample shelving, you can keep tools, materials, and projects neatly arranged, minimizing clutter, and maximizing productivity.

Explore our range of custom barn options for more workshop inspiration!

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At J&N Structures, we understand the importance of having a space that fuels your passion. With our customizable backyard garage shops and sheds, you can bring your hobbies to life right on your own property.

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