Design Ideas for Garages with Overhangs

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Bring authentic Amish craftsmanship to your home with our range of garages. Whether you’re looking for a garage with an overhang roof, a garage with a porch, or are looking for garage porch ideas, J&N Structures can provide you with your ideal modular or custom-built structures.

We’ll explore some of the most popular design ideas for garages with overhangs and look at other garage porch ideas to incorporate into your structure’s design. With our dedication to detail and authentic Amish designs, J&N Structures is ready to help you decide today. Contact us now or continue reading to learn more.

Types of Garages with a Porch

A garage with an overhang makes for an ideal porch area, protected from the weather and giving a perfect place to create an outside work or relaxation area. At J&N Structures, we offer several garage designs such as our garage with a porch, garage with carpet, and garage with overhang. Some of our garages with a porch include:

Double Wide Garage garage with overhang roof double wide garage in vermont

A classically designed double-wide garage provides ample storage space. It’s an impressive 26′ x 46′ x 9′ made with white pine wood and a 10′ lean-to. The large overhang provides ample porch space together with the loft accessible via L-shaped stairs.

White River Series Garage garage with a porch shown from the side in white river

This single garage with an overhang gives you 14′ x 20′ of storage space with a cathedral ceiling design. It also has a 10′ lean-to and a gable vent to help with fume extraction. It has an insulated service door and single-hung aluminum windows.

Double Wide Garage with Loft garage with overhang roof double wide loft under construction

This impressive 24′ x 36′ x 12′ prefab double garage with 12′ lean-to is built with white pine wood and has an insulated service door that has a small dormer cover. The spacious loft is accessible by stairs and the outside porch area offers an ideal outside work area.

8 Pitch Large Garage garage porch ideas large red garage view from the side

The classic look of our 40′ x 60′ x 12′ Amish garage with a porch is made with sturdy steel supplied by Everlast Metal. A custom-made L-shaped staircase leads to the loft area. Higher walls provide greater use and storage capacity, and the open floor plan of the large work area makes this large garage with an overhang roof the ultimate addition.

Custom Prefab Garage garage porch ideas custom prefab red structure

Whether you’re looking for a garage with carpet or something more unique, our custom Prefab Garage is perfect to customize. A 6-pitch roof with strong trusses brings decades of life to this garage.

No project is too big or too small for our expert craftsmen. Discover more of our Amish-built garages at our project gallery.

Personalize It: Garages with Carpets, Service Doors & More

garage with a porch custom built red structure with truck parked

Since we build each of our garages and sheds with the help of our fantastic suppliers, we can provide you with a high level of customization while maintaining attention to detail and Amish-built quality.

Some of the most notable custom options that we can help you with include:

  • Garage with carpet
  • Cupolas
  • Additional service doors
  • Windows
  • Lofts for additional storage
  • Paints
  • Custom stairs
  • Porches

Find out more about our custom garage options or contact us to discuss your design ideas so that we can make your vision a reality.

Get a Free Estimate on a Garage with Overhang Roofs Today!

J&N Structures has built a staunch reputation for providing quality, reliable garages, sheds, and barns. Our dedication to detail, quality materials, and expert craftsmanship is backed by our decades-long warranties. With J&N Structures, you’ll not only get the garage you need to fulfill your needs, but you’ll also be getting an outstanding and sturdy addition to your home or business.

Our wood garages offer great advantages such as natural insulation, dryness due to low condensation, quiet during storms, and durable Amish quality. If you’ve been looking for a way to extend your home and improve your storage space but don’t want an eye sore, then let us help you build an authentic Amish garage with attention to detail.

Whether you’re looking for a garage with an overhang roof or a garage with carpet, we can help you make the best choice. Get a free estimate on your garage today by contacting a local J&N Structures dealer and start your house or business extension now.