Large Horse Barns: Designs & Benefits

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Large horse barns are a necessity for farmers who have numerous animals — or who run a business out of their barns. Whether you board other people’s horses at your stable, you offer lessons, or you just want to guarantee you’ll never run out of room, a large horse barn design is ideal. When building a large barn, it’s just as important to select the right layout as it is to build your barn in the most efficient way possible.

At J&N Structures, our craftsmen have decades of experience building large structures for homeowners and farmers in a variety of states. Read our blog to explore our popular large horse barn designs — and to find the barn that works best for you.


3 Large Horse Barn Plans & Designs

If you have the land area and you can invest in a large barn, not only will you get to enjoy the ample space of your new structure, but you’ll have a wide variety of gorgeous designs at your fingertips, too.

Check out three of our most-loved large horse barn designs:

1. Monitor Barns 
Large Horse Barn Monitor Style in Red Lion PA

Immediately, these large barns make an impression due to their distinct elevated center section. Beyond their stylish exteriors, these barns pack a ton of practical space and advantages for homeowners, hobbyists, and business owners alike. As a center aisle barn, the monitor design style gives you access to two rows of stalls on either side of the main aisle. In addition, the second story of a monitor barn has ample room for hay, an office, and other equipment space.


2. High Country Style Barn
High Country Large Barn in New Jersey

A classic-looking two-story barn, these modular options feature two parallel rows of stalls for maximum horse boarding. Since high country style barns often feature an open second story, you can reduce your workload by dropping bales of hay from above into the individual stalls. In addition, these barns can be customized to have additional space for an office or a trophy room. We often say that these are some of the best large barn designs for people planning to run an equine business.


3. Trailside Barns
Large Trailside Barn Built in Virginia

Our largest style of single-story barns, these large modular horse barns can be built as long —and with as many stalls — as you’d like. This design allows you to base your project on how many horses you’ll need to board. Like both two-story barns, trailside barns also feature a large center aisle which lets you work inside even during inclement weather.


Benefits of Large Barns

While building a large horse barn is a bigger investment upfront, it provides a variety of other advantages that make it worthwhile for many of our clients.  Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you opt for a large horse barn design:

 Ample Space for Animals  
Large Barn Interior Layout with Horse Stalls

When you build bigger than what you need at the time of purchase, the necessity for space will be covered for the foreseeable future. Rather than building a barn that just exceeds your current capacity, you can build larger than what you need right now so that you’ll be covered if your number of horses or your business grows.


 Interior Room  
Large horse barn designed with interior storage room

Small horse barns tend to be more exposed to the elements without a main center aisle. While opting for no main center aisle is helpful for keeping costs down, it can make it challenging to work in harsh weather when you’re forced to be outside.


Offices and Storage Options  
Large office space in loft of horse barn

Larger barns feature extra space that isn’t dedicated to stalls and hay storage. That overflow space is necessary if you’re trying to run a business and need an office, a waiting room, or a trophy room.


Your Large Horse Barn Built by J&N Structures

When you’re building a large horse barn, it’s important to choose modular and build with an experienced company of craftsmen. The modular building process also helps you to keep costs down and have your barn built faster, both of which are important for a large design.

In addition, you’ll want to work with a company that has experiencing handling large building projects and isn’t intimidated by the scope. At J&N Structures, we have decades of experience building barns of all sizes. Find your nearest J&N dealer — and get your large horse barn quote today.