Large Barn Designs, Benefits, Tips & More

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gray siding horse barn with three stalls on left side and double lean to

Are you considering a large barn for your farm or equine business? Large barns are a necessity for farmers with multiple animals or those running a business that demands a substantial amount of space.

To help you find the best barn, let’s explore large barn design options, benefits, and tips, with a special focus on J&N Structures’ larger barn models. Whether you’re interested in a big horse barn or a multi-purpose large barn, you’ll find valuable insights here.

Keep reading to discover how a large barn can meet your needs, and don’t hesitate to contact J&N Structures for more information on customizing your barn today!

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A Buyer’s Guide to Big Horse Barns

Building a large horse barn is a significant investment, so it’s crucial to understand what you need to maximize the benefits. Here are some essential questions and answers to guide you in selecting the right measurements for a big horse barn:

  • How big of a barn do I need for a horse? The size of your barn depends on several factors, including the number of horses, their sizes, and additional space for storage or other purposes. Typically, it’s recommended to allocate around 12×12 feet per horse for comfortable living space.
  • What is the standard horse stall size? The standard horse stall size is around 10×12 feet, providing enough room for a horse to stand, lie down, and move comfortably. The stall walls should also be about 7 feet high to prevent the horse from jumping out.
  • What are the ceiling height recommendations for a horse barn? The recommended ceiling height for a big horse barn is usually between 10 to 12 feet. This height ensures proper ventilation and comfortable airflow within the barn.
  • Does stall vs. pasture horses impact the size barn I need? If you plan to keep your horses primarily in stalls, you’ll need a larger barn to accommodate them comfortably. Pasture horses generally require less barn space since they spend more time outdoors.


4 Benefits of a Big Horse Barn

Furthermore, understanding the advantages of a big horse barn can help you make an informed decision. Here are some key benefits you’ll gain from installing one:

  1. Ample Space: Building larger than your current needs ensures you have room for future growth. A spacious barn can accommodate more horses or expand business operations.
  2. Stall Space: Adequate stall space is crucial for the well-being of your horses, allowing them to move freely and reducing stress.
  3. Wash, Grooming, and Tack Rooms: Dedicated areas for washing, grooming, and horse equipment can improve efficiency and organization in your barn.
  4. Storage Options: Larger barns provide extra space for offices, horse supplies, or trophy rooms, essential for those running a business.

Explore the different size barns available at J&N Structures!


4 Large Horse Barn Designs & Floor Plans

When building a large barn, it’s just as important to select the right layout as it is to build your barn in the most efficient way possible. Now that we’ve identified the key features of large horse barns, let’s explore the different floor plans and layouts to help you get inspired! Here are four of our most popular large horse barn layouts at J&N Structures:

High Country Barn: white siding large horse barn with wooden doors and a lean to

Our High Country Barn is a classic two-story barn featuring two rows of stalls for maximum boarding capacity. Its open second story allows easy hay delivery and can be customized with additional space for an office or trophy room. This model is ideal for equine businesses!

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Monitor Barn: long monitor barn with white siding on a dirt ground in the evening

Offering practical space for homeowners, hobbyists, and business owners, the Monitor Barn features two rows of stalls on either side of a central aisle. The first floor’s large layout can be customized to accommodate wash areas, tack rooms, and more. In addition, the second-story loft allows for hay, an office, or other equipment space.

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Gambrel Barn: large horse barn in the gambrel style with two cupolas and a lean to on each side

The Gambrel Barn is one of our largest models, offering a full loft, large tack room, wash area, and ample stall space. This large two-story structure can be customized to meet the various needs of business owners and farmers alike!

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Kennebec Barn: kennebec horse barn style with lean to and large double wooden doors

Finally, our Kennebec Barn model, also known as a double-wide barn, is designed to withstand heavy snow and ice. It features white pine board and batten siding, OSB roof sheeting, wood floors, and customizable interior space for your animals and belongings.

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One of the greatest benefits of partnering with J&N Structures is the ability to customize any model, ensuring your large barn meets ALL your requirements. View our custom barn design features now!


Explore Large Barn Models with J&N Structures

If you’re considering a large horse barn, it’s important to choose an experienced barn building company. At J&N Structures, our craftsmen have decades of experience building large structures for homeowners and farmers across the US. Our qualified team holds a reputation for quality craftsmanship and attention to detail so that you can have confidence that your large barn will be built to your standards.

Contact J&N Structures for a consultation, more information, or to find a dealer near you. Get your large horse barn quote today!

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