Style Profile: Two-Tone Barns

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Style Profile: Two-Tone Barns

There’s no question that from the very beginning, your barn has a tough job to do. However, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look great while doing it. One of the best ways to have a barn showcase the personality and taste of the owner is through its color scheme.  Two-tone barns (that feature two distinct colors) are some of the most beautiful structures we build – see more right here!

Two tone barn with white siding and red trim

At J&N Structures, we’re an Amish custom barn builder that crafts structures for homeowners, hobbyists, and horse professionals. While our barns are built to be durable and economical, they’re designed to be beautiful, too. That’s why we’re putting the style spotlight on two-tone barns!


Two-Color Barn Designs & Options

We’ve seen farmers, ranchers, and equine enthusiasts spend just as much time on the perfect barn style as they do its stall layout. Here are some of our favorite two-color barn projects – and the different ways they achieve their two-color styles:

Door and Siding Contrast

Two story two-tone barn with gray and natural wood

This two-tone barn creates a stunning first impressions through its huge color contrast. The board and batten siding is painted with a smoky gray that pairs with the caramel colored doors. These two vastly different hues create one eye-catching color scheme.


Different Loft Color

New construction two tone garage with loft

This barn style garage is truly one of a kind. The two-tone design here is completed by matching a traditional white board and batten siding paired up against a red cedar shake siding. On its own, the cedar shake siding would be striking but when accented against the white paint, the colors stand out even brighter. If you are building a space with a loft or second story, that is a great space to show off your second color!

 Accent Pieces

Large garage with two tone color scheme

As a high-country barn, this space provides space-efficient storage for vehicles and other valuables in an attractive package. The cedar shake siding on its own creates a rustic beauty, but it’s the green band board accent and trim that make this a top-tier barn. A bonus to this design, the cupola topping the garage matches the dark green paint that creates the two-color look.


Spacious two-tone garage with overhang and metal roof

One of the most tried-and-true ways to achieve a two-tone barn design, wainscoting was fantastic on this project. While the majority of the metal barn siding are bright red, the charcoal-colored metal wainscoting balances it perfectly. For an even more fully integrated design, the charcoal wainscoting also matches the charcoal metal roof as well!

 Two Wood Tones

Natural wood two-tone barn rustic siding

Unpainted wooden barn siding is typically an unassuming choice for those looking to create a low-key style. This large modular barn creates an interesting style without needing any paint at all. The top half of the barn is finished with a cedar stain while the lower half has been left completely unstained.


Ample Custom Options for Every Barn

While deciding on your barn color scheme is often an exciting part of designing your J&N barn, it is just one of many custom options you’ll make during the design process. You have the option to select everything from the style of the barn to the internal layout as well as whether you want one or two stories. In addition to that, you can select how many stalls and what size you’ll want – or if you can leave the space open to store equipment rather than to house horses. Plus, there are countless cosmetic choices like paint and stain colors, the roofing material, and color as well as what accessories you want, such as a cupola or a weathervane.


Get a Quote on Your Two-Tone Barn

If you’re ready to bring one of these two-tone barns to your farm or your home, we’d love to build it for you. The first step is to find your nearest official J&N dealer, who serves your area. That local expert will be able to walk you through the entire process from the design stage to the installation.

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