Barns for Storage: Offering Space, Style, & More

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Whether you need to keep a mountain of boxes, ATVs, a boat, or something else out of the elements, a full-sized barn may be the perfect solution. Our barns for storage are specifically designed, not as a home for horses, but to provide maximum flexible space for tools, valuables, equipment, and everything else you could need to store.

At J&N Structures, we build a wide range of custom structures that homeowners, ranchers, and business owners all over the USA trust. Our barns for storage use the signature look of a horse barn (often complete with classic sliding doors) to provide an unbeatable storage solution that offers a truly massive amount of open space. See some of our projects and find the barn that matches your needs and your taste!


5 Outdoor Storage Barns to Inspire You

While a tried-and-true horse barn will be filled out with stalls for horses, hay storage, and washrooms, that’s not the only thing they can do. These outdoor storage barns are more likely to protect your power tools or to see use as a woodshop. Check out five different barns we’ve built, all dedicated to storage:


High Gambrel Barn

Small barn for storing tools and supplies

Here’s a truly beautiful structure that offers a unique look and great open space, all in a fairly compact footprint. Providing more space than a shed, this storage barn offers over 300 square feet of ground floor storage and a full loft above. The ultra-high gambrel roof makes the loft feel even roomier, while giving this barn its unique look.


High Country Outdoor Storage Barn

Red outdoor storage barn in woods

A great example of our barns meant for storage, this high country barn has all of the hallmarks of rustic style yet is meant for equipment, not horses. Notice the cupola, sliding barn door, and even the faux second story loft door. This space is flexible in that it can be used for anything the homeowner needs over the years.


Shed Row Storage Barn

Single story storage barn

A budget-friendly horse barn style, this shed row barn with a large lean-to is meant for convenient storage and a workshop. The combination of the indoor workshop, storage run-in, and lean-to means that this barn owner will be able to work in almost any weather conditions.


Monitor Barn

Two storage story barn painted blue

This impressive structure provides nearly 1,000 square feet of ground floor storage space and an ample center loft. The two-story monitor style barn is a marvel to look at and delivers a host of practical solutions. Whether this space is used as a workshop, an office, or as overflow storage – it is more than big enough! In addition, the ample windows provide comfortable natural light.


Kennebec Storage Barn

Large outdoor storage barn with 2 doors

Here’s an outdoor storage barn that could look right at home in either a suburban neighborhood or overlooking dozens of acres. For vehicle storage, this structure provides both an open run-in area and a vehicle bay with a garage door. The second story loft features a real Dutch door and plenty of room for the boxes of stuff you need to keep protected from the elements.


J&N Custom Sheds

If these outdoor storage barns are just a little too large for your yard or for what you need to store, we may have the perfect compromise for you. Homeowners often find that our sheds are both more attractive and more suited to their needs than standard hardware store sheds. In fact, our White River sheds feature a barn-style look but are sized to a typical shed. From a construction standpoint, you can count on our Amish-built sheds to provide you decades of watertight storage.

See more about our storage sheds right here!    ­­­­

Small outdoor storage shed in fall


Get Prices on Barns for Storage

Barns for storage can be the solution you’ve been looking for. There are few other ways to achieve the same amount of flexible space in such an authentic rustic design. If you want to take the next step towards bringing one of these structures home, we can help. The first step is to find your nearest J&N dealer who will help you finalize your design, arrange the installation, and get you a quote to take care of everything!