Amish Built Modular Barns

Modular barns are one of the custom horse barn styles we build which are typically known as the easiest and the most economical way to build an extremely beautiful and convenient horse barn. Aside from the attractive looks and functionality, the modular barns are also available with a simple option of customization for its owners. Most customers tend to see the fastest installation and order to receive times with this particular style of horse barns.

With J&N Structures, getting the modular horse barn of your dreams is easier than you may think! We offer a substantial selection of modular barn styles including Lancaster, Monitor, Kennebec, Trail Side, and High Country barns. Because we always paint or stain modular barns in a controlled environment, you can also expect to have better exterior coverage! A modular barn from J&N Structures also means less unnecessary excavation since this type of barn is typically built on level surfaces.

Red Amish made monitor barn


Monitor Barns with Major Style

If you’re looking for an attractive way to protect your animals and belongings from the outdoor elements or gain more storage space, a monitor barn may be the perfect match for you! Monitor barns tend to be a favorite among our customers because of their large square footage and unique layout. With a “pushed up“ center and full-length center aisle lined with stalls, monitor barns have increased ventilation and storage space. Compatible with most designs, the second story of the barn can be used for storage, a loft area, or even a residential living space! Our model comes standard with a full loft, oak kickboards, a lifetime architectural shingle roof and more!

Kennebec Barns

Do you live in an area with an extreme or fluctuating climate? That is no problem for a Kennebec barn from J&N Structures! Our sturdy materials and style of this particular barn are meant to withstand heavier amounts of snow and ice. Sometimes known as double wide barns, these designs have an enclosed center aisle along with stalls on the sides for plenty of room to store both your animals and your belongings. Our model comes standard with white pine board and batten siding, OSB roof sheeting, wood floors and more!

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Natural kennebec style modular barn

Trailside Barns

Although Trailside barns are usually a single story build, they are not limited on style, options, size, or functionality. However, because it is usually a smaller structure, trailside barns tend to be a more economical option for buyers. Their unique design allows plenty of room for the custom design of stalls, tack rooms, or even an apartment in the loft area! Our model comes standard with OSB roof sheeting, oak kickboards, service doors and more!

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High Country Barns

Are you looking for a two-story barn that combines housing for your animals along with storage for their food, equipment or other necessities? Then a High Country modular horse barn could easily be the perfect fit for what you need! These unique A-frame structures have more than enough room for the storage and protection of your animals with customizable exterior options.

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Lancaster Barns

Lancaster style barns are an affordable and visually appealing way to manage animals and their equipment. This specific model of modular barn comes standard with one sliding door and window per stall, white pine board and batten siding, and sliding doors at each end of the center aisle.

Plus, they are able to be built in several nice colors!

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