Equestrian Barn Designs from Builders You Can Trust

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Giddy up, horse lovers! We’re saddling up to explore a world where architectural brilliance meets equine comfort.

If you’re a horse enthusiast, you understand that a well-designed equine barn can make all the difference in the care and comfort of your horses. From essential tasks such as feeding and grooming to the joy of riding and training, a well-executed equestrian barn design effortlessly facilitates all these activities and more!

Get ready to discover a wealth of inspiration as we walk you through innovative equestrian barn designs that can revolutionize the way you care for your horses! By the end of this blog, you’ll have a clear vision of how to elevate your horses’ living environment while boosting the value of your property. 

Let’s trot into this exploration of equestrian barn designs together!

custom equine barn style with bare wood

Inspiring Custom Equine Barn Styles

At J&N Structures, every equine barn we craft tells a story. Our equestrian barn builders take immense pride in matching the architectural style of your home with your custom equine barn. From the regal to the rustic, here are five unique styles featuring custom advantages:

Intentional Interiors

clean equine barn interior

Did you know: a custom equine barn can make your job EASIER? Crafted in the high-country style, this 32’x36′ modular barn in Plainfield, NH, is a masterclass in purposeful planning. From the strategic placement of hay holes above the central aisle to the innovative use of white glass boards in the wash stall, the intentional design is truly what sets this masterpiece apart. Designed for ease, the barn’s layout features (3) 12’x12′ stalls, a 12’x12′ tack room, a 12’x12′ open storage area, a 12’x12′ wash stall, and an 8’x36′ center aisle. Stalls are equipped with sliding doors and dutch doors for easy access, while the loft, accessible via stairs, provides efficient storage.


Exceptional Exteriors

equestrian barn with brown exterior and customization

Step into a world of exterior customization with this remarkable 36’x60’ modular equine barn. Designed in the High-Country style, this Kentucky barn showcases how you can create your desired aesthetic without compromise. Crafted with precision using 3-ply 2’x6’ posts, Cypress Board and Batten Siding, and GAF Timberline HDZ shingles, the barn exudes both charm and functionality.


Perfect Placement

New-Construction Equine Barn by PA based Horse Stable Builder

When you build a custom equestrian barn design, you have the freedom to place it nearly anywhere on your property! Imagine a seamless connection between your custom equestrian barn and the sprawling beauty of a pasture or meadow, as captured in the picture. This design harmoniously blends indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing your horses to move freely from shelter to open expanse.


Shape & Size

Custom Equine Barn Shape

Opting for a custom equestrian barn design grants you the freedom to create the exact size and shape you envision, resulting in a structure tailored to your needs. The showcased project in Ronks, PA, exemplifies this with its 36’x84’ gambrel-style modular barn. This individualized approach ensures that your equestrian haven perfectly accommodates your requirements, offering limitless possibilities for functionality and aesthetics.


Custom Colors

equine barn design using custom colors

Building a custom equestrian barn empowers you to choose personalized colors that reflect your unique style. Our partnership with Haley Paint ensures your vision comes to life with precision, as we use their custom color paint to match your exact preferences. Beyond siding and doors, custom colors extend to intricate details like trim, gables, cupolas, and other accessories, allowing every aspect of your barn to radiate the distinctive charm you envision. Explore popular horse barn color options here!


Can’t get enough of these custom equestrian barn designs? Check out our other blog, “5 Unique Horse Barn Designs You Haven’t Seen” for even more inspiration!

The Importance of Choosing the Right Horse Stable Builder

white and brown structure created by horse stable builder

Just as you’d seek the best caretaker for your steed, selecting the ideal horse stable builder for their home is paramount. Combining safety, artistry, and functionality, J&N Structures stands above the rest!

When selecting the ideal builder for your horse stable, here are the essentials to consider:

  1. Safety Comes First: Your horse stable builder needs to provide an environment that is free of hazards, ensuring the well-being of the horses. Every J&N Structures stable is meticulously designed, ensuring non-slip surfaces, the absence of sharp objects, and ample ventilation, making horse safety our top concern.
  2. Superior Craftsmanship: The quality of materials and workmanship of your equestrian barn builder should ensure the stable’s durability. By only using premium materials, J&N Structures guarantees each barn is both a durable shelter and a stunning architectural piece.
  3. Functionality Through Design: Equine barns must-have designs that facilitate airflow, drainage, and easy movement if your horse stable builder is taking all aspects of functionality into account. Our in-depth knowledge of equine behaviors informs our equestrian barn designs, ensuring efficient systems are integrated.
  4. Customization Options: Every horse owner may have unique needs, and the horse stable builder should be able to adapt stables to such requirements. Recognizing this, J&N Structures offers tailored equestrian barn designs, from vast barns to cozy tack rooms, ensuring every vision is realized.
  5. Low Maintenance: Equine barns built by your horse stable builder should require minimal upkeep, allowing owners more time with their horses. Thanks to our choice of top-tier materials and precise construction methods, J&N barns promise longevity, reducing the need for frequent repairs.

With J&N Structures, you’re not just opting for a barn; you’re investing in a legacy of excellence, trust, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Learn more about how to design a horse barn with J&N Structures today!

Find Trusted Equestrian Barn Builders Near You

When it comes to the safety, comfort, and style of your horse’s barn, there’s no room for compromises from your horse stable builder. You need equestrian barn builders who not only understand equine needs but also value your vision and preferences.

J&N Structures has earned its reputation within the community through years of dedicated craftsmanship, understanding the unique requirements of each project, and ensuring that every barn is tailored to the local environment.

Our large dealer network spans from Georgia to Kentucky to the New England states, making it easy for you to find trusted equestrian barn builders near you. Enter your zip code to find a dealer near you and get pricing estimates for your own equestrian barn design today!